Roanoke, VA

Group Leader

A Great Experience...

To be quite honest, for whatever reason, fundraising isn’t always associated with a positive experience. At Faithful Fundraising, it is our goal to change that perception. We will provide you with friendly and knowledgeable people to work with, simple programs to use, and exceptional products to generate sales.

A Simple Program...

We pride ourselves on simplicity to make your life easier. Faithful Fundraising does not require a contract or any up-front costs. Your group will make a high $5.50 profit for every item sold.We will provide free customized order forms for your group, and delivery is free as long as minimum sales requirements are met. Best of all, we will be there for you every step of the way. In fact, we will make sure your delivery goes smooth by staying to help you fill individual orders and making sure everything is taken care of.

A Proven Product...

Tired of selling products that people don’t want? We guarantee that won’t happen with our Butter Braid products. In fact, on many occasions people will call you wanting more once they’ve had a chance to taste them! Our Butter Braid fundraisers are looked forward to year after year since they are not sold in stores. Repeat sales are not at a shortage and can many times top the previous sale.